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Women Are Over-Sexualized & Undervalued

The Problem

•The current lingerie market does not empower wearers nor promote female progression

•There are many lingerie companies, but few cater to the variety of female-identifying individuals looking to combat unrealistic, socially idealized body expectations

•The fashion industry is the cause of 10% C02 emissions

•Women are viewed in a derogatory manner for expressing their sexuality, which includes wearing lingerie.

•There is narrow scope of what is considered sexy, and sexy women are deemed unprofessional or incapable.

•When women have sex, their character often comes into question, and they are viewed as having little self respect or being taken advantage of instead of naturally sexual beings like their male counterparts.

•Male founded lingerie companies often perpetuate the notion that women should look sexy for men, instead of promoting self love and acceptance.

The Solution

•Provide affordable lingerie that looks beautiful and empowers its wearers to enact change.

•Provide high-quality, ethically sourced lingerie.

•Promote the confidence to say no to unrealistic body standards and celebrate women’s bodies for everything they are.

•Accept the diversity of all female-identifying individuals and celebrate their multi-dimensionality and successes.

•Design, develop, and implement products with sustainability in mind.

•Redefine “sexy.”

•Advocate for female empowerment and inspire confidence in decision making.

•A female founded lingerie company, which focuses on positive acceptance and comfortable, multi-purpose lingerie.